Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Women Overthinking Things? No, NEVER!

Rumination is a word I learned today.  However, ruminating is something I actually do pretty often.  In the article called Overthinking? It Could Be Depressing You  Linda Wasmer Andrews states that "Often, [such] rumination is focused on the past – bad things that have happened or unfortunate situations you wish had gone differently."  Personally, my mind often goes in circles analyzing, brooding, reanalyzing and obsessing about negative events that have already happened, are currently happening and events that I seem to predict will happen in the near and far future.  Andrews has a hunch that this type of thinking will lead to depression and I think she's on to something.  Sometimes I find myself paralyzed by my looming thoughts and am unable to focus on the task at hand.  Our brains are incredibly powerful machines and I do believe that over-thinking can lead to depression. Andrews says that, "Thinking about a problem to find workable solutions helps. But people who ruminate don’t do that.  They think over and over about the causes and consequences of their problems without creating solutions.  You might not even realize you’re ruminating.  You might believe you’re trying to understand the deeper meaning of events, gain insight and solve problems."  How to break that cycle?  Read the article to find out!  
In my body I will try my best not to ruminate today! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not Eating for Pleasure?? Yeah Sure...

FOOD, I personally live and die to eat fantastic food.  I have even been known to get excited about plain old gluttonous food like creamed chipped beef on toast with an order of a grilled honey-bun and a side of scrapple (please don't tell me what it is made of or i'll hurt you.)  I just read the below article about how Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't eat for pleasure.   I cannot imagine going thru life just eating for nourishment and not for taste.  I understand in some places on our globe, people have no choice but to eat what is available for survival.  However, for someone like Jada Pinkett Smith to only eat for nourishment with no interest in how something tastes....I have my suspicions and am calling BS.  I have always said that eating delicious food with my friends and family makes up 90% of my happiness.  I would gladly take an extra ten pounds on my hips and bite guilt-free into one of my mom's perfectly plump delicious potato gnocchi smothered in her sauce than have whatever counts as a perfect body ANY DAY!! 
Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't eat for pleasure

Nicole's Video Submission...

Our friend Nicole filmed herself answering one of our questions....
"What is the most profound thing anyone has ever said to you about your body?"  
Do you have the guts to answer this same question?  Thanks for your honesty Nicole!  I think a lot of us have very similar middle school stories!