Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle Annie Sprinkle Sold Her Tinkle In A Jar....

As you all know a few weeks ago we had our first Demo Recording  to record some of the music for our new concept musical , IN MY BODY.  So here it is ....a little TEASE.  Click on the link below to listen to one of the songs entitled , ANNIE SPRINKLE, composer Dan Martin and lyricist Michael Biello. 
 Dan and Michael wrote this fantastic song in honor of Dr. Annie Sprinkle, the world renowned sexologist who has dedicated her life to celebrating the female body by sharing her own body with us. The song tells us how Annie Sprinkle embraces her body. She teaches women that to pleasure ourselves is to “pleasure the world.”


Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 3---Last Recording Day

Today is the day the Bulldog3 leave NYC and return home to PA.  This is also our last day of recording the last few songs.  BielloMartin is staying on for two more days to mix and master the music.  In about a week we will have our songs in hand!   Michael and Dan have worked so hard on this and make beautiful music together.  Fred Lassen has been banging those keys and doing his usual fabulous job as music director even after having had surgery this past Monday.  All our singers have stepped up to the plate and have belted their lungs out over the last few days.  Thank you Sheri Sanders, Jonathan Brody, Jillian Louis, Kelly Karcher, Javier Muñoz, Alysha Umphress, Chris Gilroy at Lofish and Andrew Resnick.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 2---Recording Has Begun!

Today we are at Lofish Recording Studios in the Flat Iron District.  Every single person is ON their game today!  (that's a phrase, right?)  I wish you all could hear what we're hearing but one day (hopefully) soon, you will! 
Here are some fun recording pics...

Fred Lassen IMB Music Director

Alysha Umphress

Javier Muñoz

Jonathan Brody

Fred Lassen

Michael Biello lyricist, Lis Kalogris producer/writer, Dan Martin composer

Kelly Karcher

Alysha Umphress
Sheri Sanders recording our anthem In My Body

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DEMO DAY Approaching quickly!

Today we're in NYC rehearsing at Shetler Studios for the In My Body demo recording which is taking place Friday!  We are getting ready to submit to festivals and one thing that is most always required is a demo recording to submit with our applications.  SO HERE WE ARE!  Another step closer...
Photos from our first day of rehearsing...
Andrew Resnick Music Director for the day

Alysha Umphress

Sheri Sanders

Jillian Louis
Veteran In My Body peeps Javier Munoz, Jonathan Brody, Kelly Karcher (L to R)

Welcomed newcomer Alysha Umphress and Javier Munoz

Some random guy named Dan Martin who's always hanging around (composer)

Another totally random guy Michael Biello (songwriter)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I remember taking a class in college where I was studying "Communication" and learning that there was a direct correlation with symmetrical faces and attractiveness.  I was taught that it was a fact that we, as humans, subconsciously judge a person's beauty, at first glance by how symmetrical their face is.  At the time, I just assumed this was true as there is scientific research to back up this claim.  I remember looking in the mirror and thinking "I'm screwed, one eyebrow is definitely different than the other and one eyeball is definitely a bit lower and smaller than the other.  I must be Quasimodo."
Maybe this was true at one time or still is.  However, I have to say for me personally, I do not believe this anymore.  Maybe because we live in an age where Photoshop makes everything sickly perfect I became awakened to the fact that it is our little flaws that make us beautiful and refreshing.  Our flaws make us different from everyone else.  Our flaws remind us that we are indeed, still human and are susceptible to scars, moles, genetics and overall wear and tear.  I found this article that shows how celebrities would look if their faces were perfectly symmetrical.  I would take a non-symmetrical Colin Farrel any day compared to this perception of perfection...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I like what Glenn Gaesser, Ph.D. weighs in with...

I just found this article published last year in Runner's World by Adam Bean.  Check it...
Can You Be Fit and Fat?
Many of us would describe the ideal runner's body as lean, lanky, lithe. But then someone who is none of those things blows past us in a 5-K, leaving us questioning what "fit" really looks like.

Image by Edel Rodriguez

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My collaborators and I, we have not been doing too much blogging lately. We are so full, in our bodies, with In My Body. And, you know what? We are loving it.

I think MJoy is working on a fun posting about some of the things we have learned, so far, on our theatre journey. So look for her posting over the next few days.

Every day we read as much as we possibly can about body image. Stuffing our brains with all things body image is an essential part of understanding what we need to explore for and in our show.

Please always feel free to share anything with us regarding how you feel about the body image issues that affect you.

When my kids were growing up, they both experienced the pressures associated with body image. I recall feeling frustrated about how to juggle family discussions about weight and health. I was deeply concerned about self-esteem and body pride and I wanted my children to feel good about living in their own bodies.

Today, I read a posting which reminded me of back when I was raising my two daughters. I want to share it with you because I think it's a good one.
So, please read this and please comment on it!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Learning Broadway Part 1

I titled this first of a series of postings, "Learning Broadway" because I have come to believe, Broadway is its' own language, culture, world, place, entity and then some.  Broadway IS the theatre.  Broadway IS the dream and the hope.  For two years now FBP has been writing and rewriting for our concept musical called...(you all should know this by now) In My Body.  In this time, I have become fascinated about everything theatre---everything Broadway.  People who write musicals secretly, or not so secretly, hope they will land on Broadway or get as close as they can to Broadway.  That's what Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway are all about---feeling close to Broadway.  That is what I feel and I am pretty sure my fellow collaborators feel the same way I do.  (I cannot even begin to cover everything we have learned about Broadway in this post.)

Before I talk more about Broadway, I want to explain the difference between "theatre" and "theater."
According to There is no difference in meaning between theater and theatre. Neither has any special definitions. Theater is the preferred spelling in American English, and theatre is preferred virtually everywhere else.  Some American writers do make distinctions—for instance, that theater is a venue while theatre is an art form, or that theater is a movie theater while theatre is a drama venue—but these are preferences, not rules, and they are not consistently borne out in real-world usage.

Now Some Basic Broadway:

1.  Broadway is literally a street in New York City which starts at #1 Broadway in Manhattan where the International Mercantile Marine Company Building stands and then all the way to north to West 225 Street in the Bronx.  It is a one way southbound street which is about 15 miles in length. 

2.  Broadway is the premier theater district in the United States, if not the entire world.  Some argue London's West End is equal to Broadway.  I've been to London's West End.  I've seen many shows there.  I loved it but there is nothing like Broadway.  The most famous part of Broadway is considered the Theater District which is between 42nd and 53rd Streets (including Times Square).   If you have never been to Times Square, it is worth the trip just to see it.  I am pretty sure the lights from Broadway billboards can be seen from space.  When I first experienced it, I was in high school and I just stood in awe of the flashing lights, billboards, stores and people.  The smells and sounds alone were unlike anything I had ever experienced.   It was so futuristic and saturated with every color in the rainbow.  It is total sensory overload, to say the least.  In the theater district there are around 40 large theaters.  The largest is the Gershwin Theatre which seats up to 1,933.   The smallest is the Helen Hayes Theatre which seats up to 597.  The oldest is the Lyceum Theatre which opened in 1903. 

The Flying Bulldog Three visited one such theater together when we went to see a "staged reading"of Marry Harry at Foxwoods Theatre.  I will explain what a staged reading is in a later posting.  IMB's Lyricist, Michael Biello and Composer, Dan Martin wrote the music for Marry Harry.  So maybe we viewed it in Foxwoods rehearsal studio but it still counts as Broadway! Now playing there is Spiderman, Turn off the Dark.

3.  Did you know the Broadway theater district is nicknamed The Great White Way?  This is because in the 1920s most theaters changed from using colored bulbs to white bulbs which lined their marquees because they didn't burn out as fast and lit the streets up even brighter.  What is a marquee you may ask?  The Dictionary defines it as "A rooflike structure, often bearing a signboard, projecting over an entrance, as to a theater or hotel."

Stay tuned to this blog for Learning Broadway Part 2. I  will try to decipher some theatre terms we've picked up!   

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Even Princes' Have Body Issues...

So far In My Body has been covering many issues that women have.  It's time to think outside the "box"... so to say!  Recently we've been polling men to see what sort of issues they have about their bodies.  Today, we will start with just ONE of them that seems pretty prevalent...

HAIR or in more precise terms...Male Pattern Baldness.  In an article published online by WebMD it is stated that, "By age 35, two-thirds of American men will have some degree of appreciable hair loss and by age 50 approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. About 25% of men who suffer from male pattern baldness begin the painful process before they reach 21."

In some cases men lose their hair due to medication they are taking or stressful events in their lives.  In most cases though, hair loss is hereditary.  Well, why do men worry about something that they know will affect them and can't stop it from coming?  The same reason I stress about wearing a bathing suit in the summer and am forced to show my cellulite to the world.  Thanks MOM.
Even men are affected by what is considered "ideal beauty." Yes, it is true! Behind closed doors men admit that they are embarrassed by their receding hairline or bald halo forming on the back of their heads.  Just like women, they spend money on products that promise to treat hair loss to no avail.

Recently Justin Beiber insulted Prince William about his thinning hair!  Ever hear of Karma, Justin?  You're still a young girl and don't know what will come with time!  I personally love how Prince William is shattering the idea that "Prince Charming" has to come with a full main of golden hair.  Whether he means to or not!  We all have our issues and even though men don't voice it as much as we do, it doesn't mean they don't have them.  What other issues do you men have?  We want to know!

Monday, August 20, 2012

One week ago....

we were busying ourselves preparing for our big read-thru.  The process was emotional to say the least.  We've been working on our material for so long and to see these amazing actors and singers bring everything to life was....magical.  We know we have re-writes to do and who knows how long that may take but we feel revived and know now more than ever how important the message of "In My Body" is. 
April Woodall

Amy Baitinger, Melissa Hays, Eleonore Thomas, Jenny Hickman, Lis Kalogris, Jillian Louis, Susan Jacks, Justyn Wade, Sheri Sanders, Javier Munoz, April Woodall, Joanna Volpe, Kate Cipriano, Michael Biello, Dan Martin, Fred Lassen, Sheryl Kaller, Jonathan Brody, Robin Burdulis

Kelly Karcher

April Woodall, Sheri Sanders, Jillian Louis

Justyn Wade and Fred Lassen

Jillian Louis and Javier Munoz

Jonathan Brody and Eleonore Thomas

Monday, August 13, 2012


Today the Flying Bulldog women/IMB team are gathering together to prepare for the read-thru of ALL our written material.  This is going to begin TOMORROW as all our actors and singers have already begun to travel to PA!!!  Special thanks to our amazing stage manager Justyn Wade for keeping the whole week neatly organized!  Excitement and nerves are abound!  We are going to see what works and what doesn't and then take our next step (whatever that may be!)
Justyn Wade-Stage Manager IMB
Dan Martin

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kayla Harrison wins GOLD and overcomes abuse

Today Kayla Harrison won the first EVER gold medal for the U.S.A. in Judo.  She has dedicated her life to becoming the best in this martial art.  Now 22, Kayla has come out publicly to speak about the sexual abuse she endured for years starting when she was 11.  She was abused at the hands of her former Judo coach.  She has spent years coping with what happened to her and realizes now that her tragedy does not define who she is as a person and has only made her stronger.  In an article written by Matt Moore of CBS Sports, she was asked about the events that recently happened at Penn State."I wanted kids—boys, girls, victims—to know that while this was the most awful time in their lives, it will pass. And one day you'll realize that it doesn't define you anymore.”
Congratulations Kayla, you are a strong, beautiful role model and we are all proud of you!

Kayla Harrison Wins Judo Gold Medal

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beauty ONSLAUGHT video

Dove continues to leave me in utter awe of their ongoing beauty campaign.  I was reading an article by Leslie Goldman called Why I Broke Down in Front of 500 Sorority Girls which references a "Campaign For Beauty" video.  Goldman is a writer,  author, body image speaker and was recently a keynote speaker at a sorority conference in Miami.  She spoke about confidence and her own personal success.  This was also the first time Goldman had been away from home since having her 5 month old daughter.  After her talk she proceeded to host a body image session which she has given dozens of times in the past.

Goldman began the session by showing this Dove video.  Have you seen it?  I don't even have kids and I can't tell you how much I was moved by this under 2 minute HOLY SHIT revelation.  Goldman has seen this video countless times before but for obvious reasons, it suddenly resonated deeply within her.

Now watch the damn video but if you are too lazy to click on the above link...It opens with a shot of a perfect, young, innocent little girl.  Then... BOOM!  We are abruptly inundated with images that have been consciously and unconsciously ingrained in our minds forever by beauty companies, celebs, mags, reality shows, you name it!  Still and moving images that make us look at ourselves and make us begin to hate what we see and then proceed to change the very things that make us so special.

Goldman, being a new mom realized how her daughters innocence and confidence would one day be shaken and challenged.  And so began her list of promises from mother to daughter that will bring tears to your eyes.

Here are a few I particularly loved...
Evie, I will never criticize your body for the way it looks.
I will not allow a scale to pollute where we live.
I will compliment you on your strength, your smarts and your kind gestures.

Now read the article and watch the video, you will be glad you did.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Women Overthinking Things? No, NEVER!

Rumination is a word I learned today.  However, ruminating is something I actually do pretty often.  In the article called Overthinking? It Could Be Depressing You  Linda Wasmer Andrews states that "Often, [such] rumination is focused on the past – bad things that have happened or unfortunate situations you wish had gone differently."  Personally, my mind often goes in circles analyzing, brooding, reanalyzing and obsessing about negative events that have already happened, are currently happening and events that I seem to predict will happen in the near and far future.  Andrews has a hunch that this type of thinking will lead to depression and I think she's on to something.  Sometimes I find myself paralyzed by my looming thoughts and am unable to focus on the task at hand.  Our brains are incredibly powerful machines and I do believe that over-thinking can lead to depression. Andrews says that, "Thinking about a problem to find workable solutions helps. But people who ruminate don’t do that.  They think over and over about the causes and consequences of their problems without creating solutions.  You might not even realize you’re ruminating.  You might believe you’re trying to understand the deeper meaning of events, gain insight and solve problems."  How to break that cycle?  Read the article to find out!  
In my body I will try my best not to ruminate today! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not Eating for Pleasure?? Yeah Sure...

FOOD, I personally live and die to eat fantastic food.  I have even been known to get excited about plain old gluttonous food like creamed chipped beef on toast with an order of a grilled honey-bun and a side of scrapple (please don't tell me what it is made of or i'll hurt you.)  I just read the below article about how Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't eat for pleasure.   I cannot imagine going thru life just eating for nourishment and not for taste.  I understand in some places on our globe, people have no choice but to eat what is available for survival.  However, for someone like Jada Pinkett Smith to only eat for nourishment with no interest in how something tastes....I have my suspicions and am calling BS.  I have always said that eating delicious food with my friends and family makes up 90% of my happiness.  I would gladly take an extra ten pounds on my hips and bite guilt-free into one of my mom's perfectly plump delicious potato gnocchi smothered in her sauce than have whatever counts as a perfect body ANY DAY!! 
Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't eat for pleasure

Nicole's Video Submission...

Our friend Nicole filmed herself answering one of our questions....
"What is the most profound thing anyone has ever said to you about your body?"  
Do you have the guts to answer this same question?  Thanks for your honesty Nicole!  I think a lot of us have very similar middle school stories! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How do you feel when strangers comment on your body?

Check out how Jessica felt when a random person decided to make a comment about her body while she was minding her own business walking down the street with her husband. 
Check out how Jessica feels in her body...
We want to know how you feel.  Send your clips to

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The In My Body Project goes International

The In My Body Project goes international to Taormina, Italy!!!  Michael Biello and Dan Martin who are our AMAZING lyricist and composer are in Italy attending a family members wedding.  While they are on their excursion they are being inspired by the sights and sounds ! Check out this photo of Dan Martin playing some new music for the In My Body Musical Project at their villa in Taormina , Italy:)  What inspires you to sing about your body?

Dan Martin, Composer, Writer , In My Body Musical Project

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Body image---not just about fat or thin---check out this clothing line designed by Ann Oliver---created specifically for fabulous women who are disabled. Whatcha think?

Find Xeni on Facebook at

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Really Need Your Help!

A great deal of what I am writing about body image feels gloomy and negative. This photograph, from Big Girl Runway, made me feel happy. These women are definitely feeling good in their bodies. I really want to be more hopeful and positive, BUT I need your input. Are you willing to share what you love about your body? Would you write a sentence or two and comment on this blog, the In My Body Facebook page or message me ?
Please help me!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In My Body I am Thirsty...and this is what I do about it.

 When I am working on the In My Body Musical I am always thirsty.  Yes, thirsty for knowledge of course but I also love fresh, yummy beverages while I write characters and learn the ins and outs of this theatre/Broadway world. When you see me working, driving, playing or just walking to meetings or events you can be sure that one thing is consistent, I ALWAYS have a  beverage on hand or in hand. One place that we bulldogs have been frequenting a lot is this super fun coffee shop across the street from the  BIELLO/MARTIN studio.  It is called CAFE OLE...I want to thank Cafe Ole for keeping me hydrated in my body with wonderful beverages!!!   So if you are ever in need pop on into this little cafe and quench your thirst!:)
Not my pic...I took it from Cafe Ole facebook page:)

My Beverage of Choice...Whatever freshly brewed tea that is iced and on tap.  With Lemon and Mint!

The Three Bulldogs grabbing some bevs before the working session at Biello/Martin Studio.