Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beauty ONSLAUGHT video

Dove continues to leave me in utter awe of their ongoing beauty campaign.  I was reading an article by Leslie Goldman called Why I Broke Down in Front of 500 Sorority Girls which references a "Campaign For Beauty" video.  Goldman is a writer,  author, body image speaker and was recently a keynote speaker at a sorority conference in Miami.  She spoke about confidence and her own personal success.  This was also the first time Goldman had been away from home since having her 5 month old daughter.  After her talk she proceeded to host a body image session which she has given dozens of times in the past.

Goldman began the session by showing this Dove video.  Have you seen it?  I don't even have kids and I can't tell you how much I was moved by this under 2 minute HOLY SHIT revelation.  Goldman has seen this video countless times before but for obvious reasons, it suddenly resonated deeply within her.

Now watch the damn video but if you are too lazy to click on the above link...It opens with a shot of a perfect, young, innocent little girl.  Then... BOOM!  We are abruptly inundated with images that have been consciously and unconsciously ingrained in our minds forever by beauty companies, celebs, mags, reality shows, you name it!  Still and moving images that make us look at ourselves and make us begin to hate what we see and then proceed to change the very things that make us so special.

Goldman, being a new mom realized how her daughters innocence and confidence would one day be shaken and challenged.  And so began her list of promises from mother to daughter that will bring tears to your eyes.

Here are a few I particularly loved...
Evie, I will never criticize your body for the way it looks.
I will not allow a scale to pollute where we live.
I will compliment you on your strength, your smarts and your kind gestures.

Now read the article and watch the video, you will be glad you did.