Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How do you feel when strangers comment on your body?

Check out how Jessica felt when a random person decided to make a comment about her body while she was minding her own business walking down the street with her husband. 
Check out how Jessica feels in her body...
We want to know how you feel.  Send your clips to

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The In My Body Project goes International

The In My Body Project goes international to Taormina, Italy!!!  Michael Biello and Dan Martin who are our AMAZING lyricist and composer are in Italy attending a family members wedding.  While they are on their excursion they are being inspired by the sights and sounds ! Check out this photo of Dan Martin playing some new music for the In My Body Musical Project at their villa in Taormina , Italy:)  What inspires you to sing about your body?

Dan Martin, Composer, Writer , In My Body Musical Project

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Body image---not just about fat or thin---check out this clothing line designed by Ann Oliver---created specifically for fabulous women who are disabled. Whatcha think?

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Really Need Your Help!

A great deal of what I am writing about body image feels gloomy and negative. This photograph, from Big Girl Runway, made me feel happy. These women are definitely feeling good in their bodies. I really want to be more hopeful and positive, BUT I need your input. Are you willing to share what you love about your body? Would you write a sentence or two and comment on this blog, the In My Body Facebook page or message me ?
Please help me!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In My Body I am Thirsty...and this is what I do about it.

 When I am working on the In My Body Musical I am always thirsty.  Yes, thirsty for knowledge of course but I also love fresh, yummy beverages while I write characters and learn the ins and outs of this theatre/Broadway world. When you see me working, driving, playing or just walking to meetings or events you can be sure that one thing is consistent, I ALWAYS have a  beverage on hand or in hand. One place that we bulldogs have been frequenting a lot is this super fun coffee shop across the street from the  BIELLO/MARTIN studio.  It is called CAFE OLE...I want to thank Cafe Ole for keeping me hydrated in my body with wonderful beverages!!!   So if you are ever in need pop on into this little cafe and quench your thirst!:)
Not my pic...I took it from Cafe Ole facebook page:)

My Beverage of Choice...Whatever freshly brewed tea that is iced and on tap.  With Lemon and Mint!

The Three Bulldogs grabbing some bevs before the working session at Biello/Martin Studio.

Working Session Report

For the past two days, Team IMB gathered at Biello Martin Studio in Philadelphia to hold a working session for all the material that we have collectively written over the past year.  We invited four AMAYYYYYY-ZING actors/singers to perform our work.  The extraordinary Jeff McDonnell acted as our Musical Director/Pianist. 

It was quite exhilarating to witness our words come to life and be able to watch the actors learn, interpret then perform their parts while we sat, watched and took notes.  My favorite part was listening to our actors, Megan, Philip, Sarah and Charleigh blend their voices together on some of the (imo) best songs in the show!  I felt utter passion and excitement and was reminded that we are well ON OUR WAY TO SOMETHING BIG!  
Special thanks to Joanna Volpe for all your help!   
Musical Director Jeff McDonnell led the sessions

Kate Cipriano, writer/producer

(L-R) Lis Kalogris, writer/producer Michael Biello writer/lyricist

Friday, May 18, 2012

my friends and I are having an AFFAIR with the same....

BOOK!  You'd have to live under a rock to have not heard of the hottest topic to hit women by storm these past few months.  By now you already know where I am going with this post.  The 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy has us ALL talking.  At work, at home, the gym, at this past Sunday's Mother's Day celebration even!  To all the naysayers, just quit picking this book apart and check your reality at the door!  Isn't this why we read books of fiction in the first place?  To escape from the real world for a little while? I only just heard of this book recently when I was watching SNL and they did one of their faux ads. Click here to see what I mean... SNL Mother's Day Ad.   I was intrigued and didn't quite understand it so the next morning I downloaded the first book 50 Shades of Grey and before I knew it, I had downloaded 50 Shades Darker and over the next few days, 50 Shades Freed.

I could NOT get enough and simply devoured the books in all their glory.  I knew I was addicted when my husband asked me, "Why do you keep turning your iPad away from me when I walk by you?" I had to confess to him that I downloaded what I jokingly refer to as, MY SEX BOOKS.  I realized along with the main character, Anastasia, that it's okay to feel sexual in your body or to feel that it isn't degrading if you are a consulting adult and willingly get turned on by things that aren't necessarily "vanilla sex."

Realistically, I knew if anyone had that much sex they would be walking like they just got off a 5 hour horse ride and suffering from a urinary tract infection BUT I didn't care.  This book is total fantasy so FUCK (pun intended) reality and let the book sweep you away.  Did anyone argue when Captain Kirk had sex with green women or when a certain girl became impregnated by a vampire? (which is actually the origin of 50 Shades in that it was the author's fan fiction.)  If anyone tells you they don't have insane fantasy dreams from time to time, they are lying.  And it isn't just the sex part that had me turned on, it was the suspense and the surprises and I swear I am not lying, THE STORYLINE.  Isn't that the female version of "I get playboy to read the articles?"

In My Body has always wanted people to be more at home and loving in their bodies.  Well, one part of positive body image is having a healthy sex life.  50 Shades dubbed, "mommy porn"(In my case this does not apply) definitely leaves us wanting to explore our bodies and have partners explore our bodies inside and out.  Thanks to E.L. James, In My Body... I feel pleasure, pain and love.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Feeling beautiful after Breast Cancer Surgery

One of our goals in writing and producing the In My Body Musical Project is to expose and explore characters and stories that audiences and people can identify with.  We have been gathering your personal stories and they have been helping us to mold and create our characters.   Here is one story that has inspired us:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dark Girls Movie

There is a new documentary that has recently come out called Dark Girls.  I watched the below preview and am already intrigued and disturbed.  Sadly, racism is something everyone is familiar with, races unjustly judging other races based purely on the color of their skin.  What is less known but still prevalent is people of the same race being prejudice towards one another because of the shade of their skin.  This movie explores the attitudes about skin color particularly dark skinned women, outside of and within the Black American culture.
Watch the preview of Dark Girls HERE

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FAT is the new UGLY on the Playground or maybe it's not so new...

  I was recently reading an article about how the word "FAT" is the new "UGLY" on the playground and it got me to thinking about my childhood . 

This is a picture of me from 1986.  I was 7 years old. I LOVED that pink polka dotted jazz costume that I wore at my end of the summer dance recital. That summer I played soccer, danced, smiled, giggled and played with my sister and all my friends.  A week later  I started a new school year.  I will never forget it....A week later the school nurse sternly called me OBESE in front of the other kids in my class.  

At 33 years old I look back on this picture and this memory still stings me.   Adults must keep in mind at all times how they speak to children  and what they talk about among themselves when they are around children.  Comments and words from adults are soaked into kids brains as if their brains are like little sponges. One thing is for sure, I will remember it for the rest of my life.  These are the types of experiences that have inspired me when writing some of my characters for our In My Body Musical Theatre piece.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Paralyzed Woman Finishes London Marathon

Don't you just love a feel good story from time to time?  It took Claire Lomas 16 days to finish the 26 mile course of the London Marathon.  Why is that so impressive?  Claire is paralyzed from the waist down and completed the run with the help of a bionic suit.  (Which incidentally retails for about 80 grand.)  Her incredible journey should be celebrated as she embraces her body and shows that you really can do almost anything in this life if you work hard enough for it!   

Claire Lomas finishes London Marathon

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We want to know, how do you feel in your body?

For over a year now we have been asking people to submit videos to us that answers two questions:
1.  What is the most profound thing anyone has ever said to you about your body?
AND please complete the following statement:
2.  In my body, I am.....
TO SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO answering one or both questions 

Only 4% of women think they're beautiful?!

Speaking of body affirmations...I Just read this article from the Huffington Post and watched the promo vid which gave me the title statistic.  Dove takes their body positive ad one step further!  You know those super annoying ads on the side of every page that just stare at you, judging you for having a muffin top and cellulite CONSTANTLY?!!!! Well Dove Australia is recreating those annoying little suckers to be quite inspiring!  "When it comes to your body, love the one you're with!"
Dove Ad Makeover

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Love yourself...even just a little a day. Body Affirmations.

It is hard to love your body every day but we have a challenge for you. Find one thing that you like about yourself on a daily basis and say it out loud to yourself. Whisper it, shout it, sing it, scream it, it doesn't matter how you say it.    You can then begin to love yourself just a little bit more than the very moment before you said your body affirmation out loud.

This video is very inspiring , it is clear that model Fluvia Lacerda loves herself and her body when she filmed this clip.  Every moment of self love goes a long way.

Time to see our words come to life...

I feel so passionate about our show because of its intense and pertinent theme---body image. I feel like I have a lot to say---to share---about body image. I am practically exploding with thoughts but translating these thoughts into monologues and dialogues and poems, and understanding where we need to get serious and where we can be funny---a huge challenge. I am LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT but real life is not SMASH! Trust me and now our reality is setting in because in a few short weeks we are having our first professional mini working session.

The Flying Bull Doggies
Liswrite,KC and MJOY
We three are all in a tizzy trying to get our act together for this working session.   By "act together" I mean getting what we have written so far organized enough so the fantastic four professional actors we have hired to read and sing our stuff can make heads of tails of it all. These sessions will help us to see where we are with our show---what sounds good, what makes sense, what stinks. Our partners, Dan and Michael, are quite a few steps ahead of us with another show they have been working on for over 3 years! Their journey, with Marry Harry, is helping us understand how best to proceed with developing In My Body. We are truly thankful for that .

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In My Body...I hate trying on swimsuits

This article put out by Huffington Post is not at all shocking to me.  The mere thought of trying on a bathingsuit in a dressing room under those awful lights and huge mirrors makes me cringe.  I can just picture the evil cellulite in my legs rejoicing at being seen in all it's horror!  <insert evil cackle here>
Talk about self-objectification, I get in the dressing room and years of therapy and prozac are flushed down the toilet.  It's true, I have been in a dressing room trying on a bathing suit and wept.  I have also heard the familiar groans and weeping coming from other rooms as well.  I suppose that I am my own worst critic too because I would rather be on a beach in my bathing suit than in the fun house....I mean dressing room. 
Swimsuit + Dressing Room = BAD MOOD

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OH boy this is disturbing...

SICK!  How sick is it when a mother starts projecting her own body issues on her SIX year old daughter?  I somehow am having trouble believing the story this mom is selling!  Warning: the following video is quite jolting
Overly Tan Mother Defends Herself

Autism Friendly Performance

How is it possible this is the first time I've heard of an autism friendly performance on Broadway?!!!  Seems like it should have begun a long time ago.  Bravo to the Theatre Development Fund for coming up with this!  Here is an example of letting people be comfortable in their bodies, even if they have an affliction to shout and yell.  In fact, it is embraced!  TDF has taken a setting where it is considered taboo to make any sort of noise unless you are laughing at the funny parts and crying at the sad, and turned it into a safe haven for children who are autistic and their families.  Hurray!!!!
Autism Friendly Mary Poppins Performance

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NYC Workshop Experience

As you know, last Thursday the Flying Bulldog 3 team took the Amtrak choo choo to NYC to see the workshop for Marry Harry (a musical.)  Besides our awful lunch in Times Square, the workshop was awesome!  It was held at Foxwoods Theatre where Spider-Man Turn off the Dark is now playing!  Fun to see what lies ahead of us in this crazy experience!