Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Literally, In My Body

When I think of the three words "in my body" many things come to mind.  I think of issues that many of us have, such as body image and hating or loving what we physically see in the mirror.  Lately though I have been thinking about issues that we can't see in our reflection.  Issues that are most definitely and literally IN THE BODY.  For some of us I am talking about a chemical imbalance that is taking place within the brain or a trauma that is affecting our thoughts, emotions and even physical actions and causes depression.  When a loved one suffers from depression, people often struggle with what words of comfort and wisdom we can say.  It is a difficult situation and sometimes we think we are saying the right thing but for someone with depression those words can often end up making things worse.  Here is an article I came upon stating six things you should never say to someone with depression...TAKE NOTE!