Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 7 Reading!

On Sunday January 19th we introduced IN MY BODY to our first ever audience at Christ Church Neighborhood House in Philly!  They cried, they laughed, they LOVED it!  The amount of positive feedback that we have been receiving has been overwhelming and we are so grateful.  We are quickly recovering from this fantastic experience and are trying to figure out what our "next step" is.  Thank you to all our musicians, actors, producers, writers, behind the scenes peeps, and of course our fantastic first audience, for making some quite spectacular magic that night!

moments before...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Rehearsal Day 5

Today we moved our operation from the "burbs" to our official reading space in Old City, Philadelphia.  We welcome the final member of our team, tech extraordinaire Alyssa Cole!  Found out that Alyssa is a proud WCU alum just like our writers, Kate and Melissa!

Load in day was filled with lots of action!  From piano moving and tuning, to setting up chairs, stands, risers, lights to last minute script changes...WE ARE WIPED!  However, the excitement grows as we approach Sunday!

Day 5 Photos
Robin's equipment

Dan Martin and Fred Lassen going over score

our "bright, bold, beautiful" singers/actors!

Bill Fennelly giving his expertise direction
 to Jeff Coon and Tamara Anderson. 

Rehearsal Day 4

Yesterday was our last day rehearsing in Malvern, pa at our producer's home.  Two people joined Fred Lassen (our MD and pianist) to make up the In My Body Band.  Very excited, we welcome Tony Pirollo on cello and Robin Burdulis on percussion.  Their rich sounds combined with our actors voices sound phenomenal already!
Day 4 Photos
(R to L) Writer, Composer- Dan Martin, Director- Bill Fennelly, Percussion-Robin Burdulis

(L to R) Writer, Lyricist-Michael Biello, Writer, Producer-Lis Kalogris

Percussion-Robin Burdulis

(R to L) Tamara Anderson, Jeff Coon, Jillian Louis, Javier Muñoz, Donnie Hammond

Stage Manager-Keighty McLallen

Jeff Coon

Jillian Louis

Rob Tucker

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rehearsal Day 3

Today the actors got deeper into learning the songs and spoken words!  Everything sounds a little crisper than it did yesterday and it just keeps sounding better!

Day 3 Photos
Jeff meeting with two of the writers (Lis and Kate) to discuss spoken word pieces

Javier rehearsing with musical director (Fred), and  lyricist and composer (Michael and Dan)

Jeff Coon getting into character 

Donnie Hammond taking a much needed break

Rob Tucker going over the schedule for the day

Javier Muñoz reviewing his roles

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It's so cliche to say this but "sorry for not posting in a while!" Alas, we have good reason to start blogging again this week as we are officially in rehearsal for an *AEA Staged Reading which is taking place in less than a week!  Almost 20 of us are spending the week rehearsing in one of our writer/producers phenomenal home in Chester County, PA.  We are here until Thursday night and then we move into our performance space in Philadelphia on Friday morn! 

Day 2 Photos

(L to R) Fred Lassen (Music Director) & Bill Fennelly (Director) 

Justyn Wade (one of our Stage Managers)

(L to R) Donnie Hammond, Javier Muñoz, Jillian Louis, Jeff Coon, Tamara Anderson

(foreground to background) April Woodall, Rob Tucker, Donnie Hammond, 
Javier Muñoz, Jillian Louis, Jeff Coon

*Actors' Equity Association