Friday, January 17, 2014

Rehearsal Day 4

Yesterday was our last day rehearsing in Malvern, pa at our producer's home.  Two people joined Fred Lassen (our MD and pianist) to make up the In My Body Band.  Very excited, we welcome Tony Pirollo on cello and Robin Burdulis on percussion.  Their rich sounds combined with our actors voices sound phenomenal already!
Day 4 Photos
(R to L) Writer, Composer- Dan Martin, Director- Bill Fennelly, Percussion-Robin Burdulis

(L to R) Writer, Lyricist-Michael Biello, Writer, Producer-Lis Kalogris

Percussion-Robin Burdulis

(R to L) Tamara Anderson, Jeff Coon, Jillian Louis, Javier Muñoz, Donnie Hammond

Stage Manager-Keighty McLallen

Jeff Coon

Jillian Louis

Rob Tucker

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