Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kayla Harrison wins GOLD and overcomes abuse

Today Kayla Harrison won the first EVER gold medal for the U.S.A. in Judo.  She has dedicated her life to becoming the best in this martial art.  Now 22, Kayla has come out publicly to speak about the sexual abuse she endured for years starting when she was 11.  She was abused at the hands of her former Judo coach.  She has spent years coping with what happened to her and realizes now that her tragedy does not define who she is as a person and has only made her stronger.  In an article written by Matt Moore of CBS Sports, she was asked about the events that recently happened at Penn State."I wanted kids—boys, girls, victims—to know that while this was the most awful time in their lives, it will pass. And one day you'll realize that it doesn't define you anymore.”
Congratulations Kayla, you are a strong, beautiful role model and we are all proud of you!

Kayla Harrison Wins Judo Gold Medal

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