Monday, August 20, 2012

One week ago....

we were busying ourselves preparing for our big read-thru.  The process was emotional to say the least.  We've been working on our material for so long and to see these amazing actors and singers bring everything to life was....magical.  We know we have re-writes to do and who knows how long that may take but we feel revived and know now more than ever how important the message of "In My Body" is. 
April Woodall

Amy Baitinger, Melissa Hays, Eleonore Thomas, Jenny Hickman, Lis Kalogris, Jillian Louis, Susan Jacks, Justyn Wade, Sheri Sanders, Javier Munoz, April Woodall, Joanna Volpe, Kate Cipriano, Michael Biello, Dan Martin, Fred Lassen, Sheryl Kaller, Jonathan Brody, Robin Burdulis

Kelly Karcher

April Woodall, Sheri Sanders, Jillian Louis

Justyn Wade and Fred Lassen

Jillian Louis and Javier Munoz

Jonathan Brody and Eleonore Thomas

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  1. Beautiful posting. I will never ever forget this experience. Never. Ever. The actors were amazing, the piece is pretty darn good and the feedback was so perceptive and important and helpful. Yes! We have a lot to do but we are on our way! Whoopee!