Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DEMO DAY Approaching quickly!

Today we're in NYC rehearsing at Shetler Studios for the In My Body demo recording which is taking place Friday!  We are getting ready to submit to festivals and one thing that is most always required is a demo recording to submit with our applications.  SO HERE WE ARE!  Another step closer...
Photos from our first day of rehearsing...
Andrew Resnick Music Director for the day

Alysha Umphress

Sheri Sanders

Jillian Louis
Veteran In My Body peeps Javier Munoz, Jonathan Brody, Kelly Karcher (L to R)

Welcomed newcomer Alysha Umphress and Javier Munoz

Some random guy named Dan Martin who's always hanging around (composer)

Another totally random guy Michael Biello (songwriter)

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