Thursday, May 3, 2012

In My Body...I hate trying on swimsuits

This article put out by Huffington Post is not at all shocking to me.  The mere thought of trying on a bathingsuit in a dressing room under those awful lights and huge mirrors makes me cringe.  I can just picture the evil cellulite in my legs rejoicing at being seen in all it's horror!  <insert evil cackle here>
Talk about self-objectification, I get in the dressing room and years of therapy and prozac are flushed down the toilet.  It's true, I have been in a dressing room trying on a bathing suit and wept.  I have also heard the familiar groans and weeping coming from other rooms as well.  I suppose that I am my own worst critic too because I would rather be on a beach in my bathing suit than in the fun house....I mean dressing room. 
Swimsuit + Dressing Room = BAD MOOD

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