Friday, May 18, 2012

my friends and I are having an AFFAIR with the same....

BOOK!  You'd have to live under a rock to have not heard of the hottest topic to hit women by storm these past few months.  By now you already know where I am going with this post.  The 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy has us ALL talking.  At work, at home, the gym, at this past Sunday's Mother's Day celebration even!  To all the naysayers, just quit picking this book apart and check your reality at the door!  Isn't this why we read books of fiction in the first place?  To escape from the real world for a little while? I only just heard of this book recently when I was watching SNL and they did one of their faux ads. Click here to see what I mean... SNL Mother's Day Ad.   I was intrigued and didn't quite understand it so the next morning I downloaded the first book 50 Shades of Grey and before I knew it, I had downloaded 50 Shades Darker and over the next few days, 50 Shades Freed.

I could NOT get enough and simply devoured the books in all their glory.  I knew I was addicted when my husband asked me, "Why do you keep turning your iPad away from me when I walk by you?" I had to confess to him that I downloaded what I jokingly refer to as, MY SEX BOOKS.  I realized along with the main character, Anastasia, that it's okay to feel sexual in your body or to feel that it isn't degrading if you are a consulting adult and willingly get turned on by things that aren't necessarily "vanilla sex."

Realistically, I knew if anyone had that much sex they would be walking like they just got off a 5 hour horse ride and suffering from a urinary tract infection BUT I didn't care.  This book is total fantasy so FUCK (pun intended) reality and let the book sweep you away.  Did anyone argue when Captain Kirk had sex with green women or when a certain girl became impregnated by a vampire? (which is actually the origin of 50 Shades in that it was the author's fan fiction.)  If anyone tells you they don't have insane fantasy dreams from time to time, they are lying.  And it isn't just the sex part that had me turned on, it was the suspense and the surprises and I swear I am not lying, THE STORYLINE.  Isn't that the female version of "I get playboy to read the articles?"

In My Body has always wanted people to be more at home and loving in their bodies.  Well, one part of positive body image is having a healthy sex life.  50 Shades dubbed, "mommy porn"(In my case this does not apply) definitely leaves us wanting to explore our bodies and have partners explore our bodies inside and out.  Thanks to E.L. James, In My Body... I feel pleasure, pain and love.


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