Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Working Session Report

For the past two days, Team IMB gathered at Biello Martin Studio in Philadelphia to hold a working session for all the material that we have collectively written over the past year.  We invited four AMAYYYYYY-ZING actors/singers to perform our work.  The extraordinary Jeff McDonnell acted as our Musical Director/Pianist. 

It was quite exhilarating to witness our words come to life and be able to watch the actors learn, interpret then perform their parts while we sat, watched and took notes.  My favorite part was listening to our actors, Megan, Philip, Sarah and Charleigh blend their voices together on some of the (imo) best songs in the show!  I felt utter passion and excitement and was reminded that we are well ON OUR WAY TO SOMETHING BIG!  
Special thanks to Joanna Volpe for all your help!   
Musical Director Jeff McDonnell led the sessions

Kate Cipriano, writer/producer

(L-R) Lis Kalogris, writer/producer Michael Biello writer/lyricist

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